"...If I can only share few inspirational words with you about the how and the why I do photography, it would be that I have, since very young, printed pictures in my head of so many vivids memories. Mostly about family, about human's connections, about emotions, about simple moment of youth, beauty and nature.

It is like a gallery in my head, in which I can connect with the most precious and intimate memory, the strongest, the most painful or the most delightful moments of my life. All thoose images have a real magical effect. It just need to be brought back to the consciousness, and all the senses get activated. 

So it became natural I guess, after few years studying it, to be passionate about the image and its power on the emotional level. 

How I do photography? I connect to the present moment, I do nothing else, I think about nothing else than be here and now, witnessing the beauty of the instant that unfold. 

Why? Because I feel I can help people to see how to look at the world through eyes that sees the beauty in everything. From a collapsed city to the most epic sunset, there is beauty in everything if we know how to look at it. 

The light is all around us and composing at all time, we just need to be sensitive to it."

- Julien André -


1985. Julien Andre Megoz is born. He does not weigh much and is no doubt not the biggest newborn there ever was, however his powerful crying will not make him a singer.

1988. Julien Andre will always remember and have an image engraved in his memory, sadly not on paper. A girafe has just stolen his peanut bag from his hands while on a Sunday stroll with his parents at the zoo. Traumatising.

1992. Julien loves music. He tries for years to play the saxophone, but will never succeed because of hands much too small. He gives up and decides that sports will be less disappointing. False! basketball is a sport for those that are tall, not for the vertically challenged!

1993. Julien Andre gets quite a memorable slap from his father when he tried to put their cold huge cave key into his ear. The image is engraved!

1996. Julien Andre's father has died and he holds only good moments passed while in his company; like for example, the cold room key in his ear! He carries with him for many years a portrait of Andre Marie Megoz alias "DEDE".

1997. Julien Andre has another try at music, he begins as a percussionist in a festive marching band. He wants to prove that this time, he will succeed; to play the drumkit and drink like a trumpeter!

1999. Julien Andre is hit by the new beauty that has just arrived at high school. He decides to run after her, and will continue for many years.

2000. His mother offers him a 'Pearl' drumkit for Christmas, colour of burgundy. His hands are not too small this time and can hold the drumsticks! Julien is happy and sink into the vivid colorish drums.

2005. Julien Andre loses himself between his passions, his studies, loves, relationships and enters into a 'flou artistique' era.

2009. An active life pleases him no longer. He works, lives a quieter life which brings with it boredom. He leaves France with a friend. He remembers his first encounter with an Australian. Lost.

2010. He comes into contact with many new cultures, diverse people and some hard and intense moments. He decides to take up more seriously and passionatly photography . He no longer wants to miss out on capturing the important moments in his life... He wants a trace of the beauty of the instant.

2011. A good friend, photographer, joins him on his adventure. Julien Andre learns alot from him, for example, how to confuse people with Playmobil! Weird but useful. 

2012. After multiple destinations, some firm handshakes, Julien Andre starts commercial photography. A muse help him open to a spirit world, open the eyes and concentrate to the beauty of life. 

2013. New Zealand contributes its first big reportage, Julien finds his thread, his consecration, it's still in working progress. "The red Zone"

2014. Ouch! The slap is not that of his father, but of life, and is especially painful, but it is not very serious. He studies in Paris on the ancient techniques of photography, studio lightings, retouching, how to compose and tell a story.

2015. Rouchon studios like Studio Annexe offers him opportunities to learn fashion photography, pack shot. He then think that he is on track, the signs are unmistakable. The old shaman Chokorde Ray had told him! Also the Andalusian seer .... but that's another story!

2016.  Paris wants to be the city of effervescence, and it is the case! Collaborations and contracts abound, the young traveler becomes more docile. While keeping a part of a journey in his life, he acquires a "Parisian" presence with a house (in collocation! We are in Paris!), A social stature, and a metropolitan wardrobe...

2019.  Many photographic commands later, Julien still passionate about it and persevere in different learning about photo retouching, new light composition, portraiture. His appetite is huge and seems endless. He works closer with his customers and create together iconics images. Creation is at his best.